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There are many ways of making the ceremony itself personal and meaningful - music with particular associations for the person who has died, poems and readings which relate to something about their personality or interests can be powerful ways of honouring who they were. If the person had a religious faith then appropriate music, prayers or readings can also be included.

A few days after the funeral I'll send you a presentation copy of the full text of the ceremony for you to keep.

Other elements which can help you honour and say farewell to your loved-one can include live music or

symbolic actions such as placing flowers

round the coffin while a favourite piece

of music is played, or lighting candles.

Some venues have facilities to show

photographs or video on a large screen.

Together we can choose the elements

that feel right.


There are many useful internet resources if you want to have a look for yourself, some of which are listed on the Links page

Increasingly bereaved families are choosing to take a more active role in creating and leading funeral ceremonies for their loved ones. In this case I act as a coordinator, bringing together the different elements, liaising with the people who will be taking part and on the day acting as an MC to ensure everything goes smoothly.

What  to expect

Once your funeral director has contacted me I will meet with you as soon as possible to discuss your wishes for the ceremony.

Making the ceremony meaningful

'Doing it yourself'


Lighting a candle can be a helpful way of honouring the memory of someone who has died

After meeting with you I write the text  of the whole ceremony and send it to you in advance of the funeral so that you can check it, make any alterations and be sure that you'll be happy with everything that's said on the day.

Getting it right

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Often I'm asked to conduct the whole ceremony with perhaps

a reading or some reflections from a family member or friend.

Some families wish to take a more active role in designing and leading the ceremony. Others prefer a plainer, simpler funeral. Whatever you decide, my role is to work with you to create a funeral that is right for you and your loved one. Each ceremony is unique to the individual and family concerned and you can have as much or as little involvement in the ceremony itself as you wish.

You may want to think about key events in their life or stories that illustrate their personality before we meet. Cards received from friends and relatives often have stories or comments about the deceased which help to complete the picture.


The meeting is likely to take

between one and two hours.

Much of this time will be spent

building up an accurate picture of the

life and personality of the person who

has died so I can make the ceremony as

personal as possible and create a tribute to

your loved one which truly captures their essence.