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Where can a funeral be held?

Most people don't realise that you don't have to hold a funeral in a church, crematorium, etc


You can hold a funeral anywhere - at home, in a community hall, a room in a pub - preceded or followed by a private burial or cremation, or Direct Cremation. (There is more information about Direct Cremation here.) The only legal requirement is that the body must not be exposed in a way that would outrage public decency. If the body is not present it's technically a memorial ceremony.


Using a different kind of venue allows greater freedom around the form of the ceremony and how much time you have - a  particular issue with crematorium funerals, where time can be very limited.

Green Burial Grounds

Many people are now concerned about the environmental impact of cremation and of burial in traditional cemeteries.


One alternative is the increasing number of green burial grounds, often in woodland, which are managed to minimise the environmental impact and promote wildlife. Many are also in beautiful surroundings which make inspiring locations for the funeral ceremony itself and visiting your loved one's grave.



Long Barrows

Long Barrows were used by our ancestors as a permanent memorials to their loved ones, and in 2014 the first Long Barrow for 5000 years was built in Wiltshire as a beautiful and meaningful final resting place for cremation urns.


We are fortunate in Shropshire that another Long Barrow is planned for 2017 at Soulton near Shrewsbury. More information here. As well as providing a place to remember your loved ones in a living landscape, it will be possible to hold a funeral ceremony either at the Long Barrow itself or at the nearby Soulton Hall.

Woodland site in Shropshire

There are several green burial grounds in Shropshire including: South Shropshire Remembrance Park, Westhope Green Burial Ground, and Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground.

inside the long barrow at Willow Row The proposed new Long Barrow at Soulton, Shropshire