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I'm a professionally trained Civil

Funeral Celebrant based near

Bridgnorth in Shropshire. I offer

Civil Funerals in Shropshire,

Worcestershire and




I've always loved working with people - originally in education and community arts, and more recently with people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. I spent eleven years as a volunteer with the Samaritans and I'm also a trained bereavement counsellor, so I'm used to working sensitively with people at what can be one of the most difficult times in their lives. I was drawn to Funeral Celebrancy as a result of my  experience of planning and leading the funerals

of two close relatives.



I undertook a rigorous professional

training for celebrancy work and hold the

Ofqual-recognised Level 3 Diploma in

Funeral Celebrancy. I'm a Full Member of

the Institute of Civil Funerals which oversees and maintains standards for Funeral Celebrants in the UK, The Natural Death Society which promotes choice and improvement in the process of dying and arrangements for funerals and the Good Funeral Guild which promotes continued improvement in the practice of all those involved in the funeral industry.



I believe that everyone who has been bereaved has a right to a funeral ceremony which is fitting for the person who has died and which enables them to say their last goodbyes in a way which suits them and I count it an honour and a privilege to be able to help people in this way.

About me

Penny McCarthy, Civil Funeral Celebrant


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When I was looking for a symbol which would encapsulate my approach to Funeral Celebrancy I wanted something which would represent both a memorial to those who we have loved and the knowledge that we all live on through our influence on the lives of those around us, each person making a unique contribution to the growth of

The Tree of Life.



The philosopher Herbert Read wrote these words about the Tree of Life:


'The death of each of us is in the order of things; it follows life as surely as night follows day.  We can take the tree of life as a symbol.  The human race is the trunk and branches of this tree, and individual men and women are the leaves, which appear one season, flourish for a summer, and then die.  I too am like a leaf of this tree, and one day I shall be torn off by a storm, or simply decay and fall and mingle with the earth at it’s roots.  But, while I live, I am conscious of the tree’s flowing sap and steadfast strength.  When I die and fall the tree of life remains, nourished to some small degree by my life.  Millions of leaves have preceded me and millions will follow me; but the tree itself grows and endures.'

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The Tree of Life 

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